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Ferbruary Newsletter


Dates to remember:

Feb. 20 – 4th session begins – Discount date – Discount date – Feb. 15

Mar. 1 – Costume balance due

Apr 1 – CD money due

Apr.13-16 – Easter Break

Apr 10- 5th session begins – Discount date Mar. 19

May 14 – Photos – Salix

May 21 – Photos – Nor Cam

June 11- Performance – Salix and Northern Cambria ( See below)

June 17 – South Fork Heritage

June 26 – Idlewild


The costume balance is due March 1. For those who are fundraising, consider the amount being raised as a payment. Do not send in money for the balance if you have fund raised. I have a list of the students and the amount being raised. Please check with me to make sure your account is paid and the fundraiser profit will cover the balance. If you do not know the balance of your costumes please check with me. Any costume not paid for by Mar. 8 will have a $10.00 late charge. Monies left over after costume is paid goes directly to tuition, then CD’s. You can use any remainder for tights, DVD or bears. Monies will not be carried over to the next year.


The cost of a bar to Oshea’s is .60. We are selling them for 1.50. Therefore you make .90 per bar or 27.00 per bag.

Subway cards are sold for 10.00. We make 5.00 per card.

Money from Subways Cards are due Feb. 24. Money for O’sheas Candy is due Mar. 4. Please write checks out to Students of Le Dance Academie’.


Each student will pay 5.00 for one CD regardless of the amount of dances she has.   Put the correct amount in the envelope. Each child in a family will have their own CD unless they are in the same class. I have about 150 CD‘s to burn, some with numerous songs, so please bear with me if you happen to get one that has the wrong song. Just return it and I will fix it. They should all be done by April. Therefore; the cost of the CD is due no later than April 1.


Salix studio parking can be at a minimum if there is a lot of snow. It is very important that we all try to park correctly and carefully and be patient. Please do not block entrances. My home driveway is available for parking also with parking at a minimum. Also if the studio parking gets icy, I will close it. That does not mean classes are canceled. Use the other driveway.

Do not assume class is canceled because school was canceled. I will call you if your class is canceled. But if you decide not to come please call.


About this time of the year, we all start getting a little lax in some areas. One is tardiness. While I do understand family life and the goings on, I must state my policy. Once the door is shut, a student must knock and ask permission to join class.   I may or may not let them in depending on how late they are and how many times they have been late. If there is a major problem such as work conflicts that is an every week occurrence, please write me a note explaining the problem so I can keep it on file.

We are starting choreography for recital dances. It is very difficult to teach dancers where their places are and where they need to go in the patterns when dancers are missing. For students 10 and up it is their responsibility to pick up missed choreography. I always go over content from the previous week but I cannot take the time to teach an individual child that which was already taught.

Another area that is getting lax is hair and dance clothes. If you do not know the dance code check the bulletin board or ask. Childrens’ hair is another problem. I do understand they might be coming directly from grandmas, school, daycare, etc. That is no reason why hair cannot be put up. Some suggestions: Fix the hair in dance style in the morning or have dad or grandma learn how to put the hair up. It is not that difficult and can be mastered by all with a little practice. If any of these is not possible please have hair accessories in their dance bags so that I, my assistant or another mom can help.


Everyone should have a bag for their dance “stuff”. It should contain all their dance shoes, hair accessories, a sweatshirt and sweatpants and for the little ones their practice sheets.


We will be helping the PTO of Forest Hills by collecting Box Tops. There is a container in the waiting room for anyone who would like to contribute.


I am excited to announce that the Northern Cambria and Salix studios will be combined for and afternoon recital this year with only one performance. This should make for an exciting show for both studios by bringing together the talent of all dancers.