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April Newsletter

The show is coming closer. Dances are being finished and we are putting the final touch to their performance. Please make an extra effort getting your child to class. The only excuse should be an excused sickness or a mandatory school function. Softball or soccer is not an excuse. Your dance team needs you! If you miss class you might miss last minute changes and the chance to perfect your dance. Do not ask to be let out of class early!


Apr 1 – CD money was due

Apr 10- 5th session began – Discount date was Mar. 19

May 1-6 – Sneek Peek week

May 21- Photos – Salix

June 4 – Photos – Nor Cam

June 6 and 9 – Rehearsals – Salix and Northern Cambria

June 11- Performance – Salix and Northern Cambria

June 17 – South Fork Heritage

June 26 – Idlewild


CD’S   Most have been distributed. The price is $5.00 and is due now. Everyone will receive one. These are meant to be used for practice. Each dance is only 2-3 minutes long. It should only take 10 minutes out of your day to go over the dance.

PAYMENTS  Please get accounts up to date. We are in the last session and performance time is approaching fast. There are still a few costume, tuition and CD payments due.

POSTER CONTEST The theme is “Sight, Sound and Motion”. The poster should be on 8x 11 piece of paper with name and age of student on the back. It can be done in any medium but must be suitable to copy and shrink down to fit the program cover and still look good. There will be an overall winner whose poster will be used for the program cover.

SNEAK PEEK WEEK  Parents are welcome to watch and encouraged to video tape students’ dances in the classroom. This is an excellent learning tool for the little ones. They can follow along at home and practice. This is not a performance therefore only video person should attend.

TICKETS Tickets are bought through the PPAC (Pasquerilla Performing Arts Center) box office – 269-7200. It is reserved seating so first come first serve. Tickets will go on sale May 15. You are still required to buy 5 tickets per family but may buy as many as you like.

DANCE WEAR   In attachment and also given out in class.   Orders are due April, 2016. I will be ordering Apr 22.   Please make checks out to Anita Lorek. Credit may be used. Make sure you have extra tights. You should have at least 2 good pair of tights on hand in case one pair gets dirty or torn.   Not the ones you have been wearing all year to class. They lose color through washing and also look worn. Also they need to be dance tights not panty hose that you buy at Walmart – their color is different.

DANCE BEARS   Forms have been given out and are in studio. May 12 is the deadline for me to order Bears with free shipping. If you are interested please get order forms to me by Monday May 1. You can still order yourself after that but you have to do it online and pay for shipping.